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Mathew Da Via

Born in Verona, Italy, bringing the Italian charm and the Australian spirit, Mathew is a passionate Italian-Australian actor.

Mathew's love for film ignited early when he worked as a Runner on the 2006 Bollywood hit Chak De India. Witnessing the magic of filmmaking firsthand sparked a desire to actively participate in creating impactful stories.

In 2018, after years of working behind the camera, Mathew embraced his true passion and embarked on a dedicated journey to refine his acting skills. He completed numerous courses, culminating in a transformative 12-month Advanced Acting program at Brave Studios. This intensive training instilled in him a solid foundation in various acting techniques, providing him with a solid toolkit, allowing him to portray characters with depth and authenticity.

Mathew has the lead role of Mr. Anderson in the upcoming feature film Suppertime Sinners. He recently wrapped filming for The Study of Dr. Cavaglieri, portraying the captivating character of Michael Cavaglieri.

He has delivered impactful performances in short films like DROP, Source Artemis, Lotus Cycle, and The Missing, and in the streaming series The Abandoned. He also had the opportunity to appear in the feature film 7:11 pm and music videos for artists like Dani Moham and ThornHill.

Beyond acting, Mathew's passion for storytelling extends to the realm of production. He has honed his skills as a producer, casting director, production coordinator, and production assistant, contributing his expertise to over 100 music video clips, feature films, commercials, and short films. This diverse experience allows him to collaborate effectively with other creatives and bring fresh narratives to light.

Mathew Da Via embodies talent, dedication, and a captivating presence on screen. His diverse skillset and passion for storytelling make him a valuable asset to any production. Undoubtedly a rising star, he captivates audiences with each performance, promising a bright future ahead.

James Robert Dean

James Robert Dean has been an actor since he was 8 years of age and has had the privilege of working with industry icons such as Jason Momoa and Margot Robbie in the independent film “I.C.U.”.

In 2017 James moved to Melbourne with his significant other Sasha to further enhance his career and visions, and had completed the 20 week full time course at TAFTA. James has been part of various short films and acting projects since.

James is now creating his own production company and is teaming up with fellow Larkin actor, Nicholas Larkin writing and Producing a Comedy short film together which will be getting filmed in 2024 with co collaborating production companies.

James is also been taking personal lessons with his mentor Andy Mcphee throughout his years in Melbourne.

James has recently played a part on Neighbours as Mickey Mannion and Gavin from Birds and Bees a Comedy Short film that was a finalist in the peninsular short film festival. He is currently filming “Apocalyptic Utopia” an independent series and is now apart of the exciting new project titled “My Brilliant apocalypse”, just to mention a few.

“I’m very excited for 2024! I have a great team with Josh and Ash and I can’t wait to book some more exciting roles to really sink my teeth into.”

Hugo Gleeson

Hugo is a first class entertainer who ticks all and none of the boxes. Wafting in and out of the Melbourne comedy scene for over 2 decades, if you haven’t heard of him, it’s probably coz he’s not on TikTok. But he’s been an Air Guitar state finalist, featured in numerous TVC’s, performs standup and manages live comedy under the Laugh Inc label.

Hugo can be relied upon and is renowned for his resilience when performing any role he has agreed to do. He is a punctual, positive and relaxed professional, who in his down time enjoys Chinese tea culture, soccer and guinea pigs. Catch him now before he gets on TikTok!

David Green

David is a comedy writer and performer originally from Adelaide, now based in Melbourne. He wrote for 'Shaun Micallef's Mad as Hell' on ABC TV for 13 seasons and was the host of the TV quiz show '31 Questions', which aired on community stations around Australia, New Zealand & South

As an actor, he's appeared in several TV commercials and played various characters in TV and web series, notable the satirical talk show 'Good Afternoon Adelaide'.

He also hosts the web series 'VHS Revue' -trawling through old video tapes in search of Australian TV shows and commercials from the 80s/90s/00s to make fun of, gaining several million views on TikTok.

He's also an accomplished radio panel operator, having worked with some of Australia's biggest names, including Steve Vizard, Lawrence Mooney, Sandy Roberts and Rex Hunt.

Benjamin Karikari-Yeboah

Ghanaian/Australian Benjamin Karikari-Yeboah's fascination with cinema began in his youth, where he found joy in crafting characters and envisioning scenes long before he set foot on an actual film set.

Relocating to Melbourne as a teenager to pursue his creative aspirations, he initially delved into the world of music. However, a serendipitous turn of events brought him back to acting when Director Alan Nguyen recognized his performance talents and offered him a role in the film 'Firebird.' It was during the filming of 'Firebird' that Benjamin crossed paths with his future booking agent and mentors, Nicholas and Josh Larkin.

Guided by this newfound team, Benjamin honed his innate acting skills, diligently recording over 100 self-tapes during lockdown. Initially focusing on TV commercials as a stepping stone for his acting journey, Benjamin collaborated with renowned brands such as Toyota, Mars Bar, and Mercedes. Now, with an enriched portfolio, Benjamin is set to pivot towards TV series and films, marking the next significant chapter in his evolving career.

Connor James

Trained under a scholarship at 16th Street Acting Studio and then Howard Fine’s Acting Studio, twenty-four-year-old Connor James has had an array of acting experience through his diverse body of work, consisting of theatre, short and full-length features. Connor is credited with working alongside acclaimed Australian director Geoffrey Wright for various films, where he portrayed each of the dark characters with originality and invention.

Connor has also embraced a wide range of roles such as The Man in the Chair/Narrator from the Broadway classic ‘The Drowsy Chaperone’ to a young hot-headed boxer, Murphy, in the upcoming British indie film ‘Geezers’.

With a tenor range C3-B4, he has a range of experience in major & minor credited versatile roles in theatre and musical theatre.

Currently Connor is performing for Inventive Productions in their London immersive theatre show ‘Alcotraz’.

Charismatic, lively, adventurous, and a little eccentric, Connor is a versatile actor adept in both comedy and drama.

Noah Watkins

Originally from Perth, Noah moved to Melbourne to look for greener pastures. His love of acting started with theatre which then evolved to student films and short films. Before moving to Melbourne in 2019 he was heavily involved in the Perth Fringe festivals, appearing in highly acclaimed performances such as ‘Five, Six’ and ‘The Real Housewives of Northbridge’

Noah had also dipped his toe in the modelling scene and was able to be involved with great brands like Puma and Grill’d Burgers.

In 2024 Noah wishes to take the next step in his career and moved towards TV and cinema.

Lucas Tranchitella

Lucas Tranchitella is an Actor / Writer / Producer from Melbourne, Australia. He holds a Master's Degree of Professional Practice in Performing Arts (Theatre) and a Bachelor's Degree in Arts, Entertainment and Media Management. He is the owner/operator of Analogue Monologue, a company that focuses on the creation of original theatrical and cinematic productions, with an emphasis on Australia and its vibrant cultural diversity. He has credits in film, theatre, and music-related enterprises.

Krishool Norgbedzie

Krishool Norgbedzie, also known professionally as Krishool, is a
versatile Afro-Australian actor celebrated for his dynamic skills in
entertainment. His journey spans various artistic realms, excelling in
singing, acting, dance, and martial arts.

Starting his artistic voyage with singing, acting, and dance training
at Jaanz School and workshops under Peter Kalos at Melbourne Actors
Lab, Krishool honed his vocal abilities and explored the nuances of
acting. He further showcased his versatility by excelling in Hip
Hop/Break Dancing and Jazz during his time with the Melbourne boyband,
Track5, trained under Randolf Winston.

Krishool's talents were recognized on Season 3 of "The Voice,"
mentored by Will.i.am, showcasing his soulful voice and captivating
dance moves. His acting prowess was evident in the Romper Stomper TV
series, proving his ability to embody diverse roles convincingly.

Apart from TV successes, Krishool's achievements include recognition
in competitions like Supafest Search for a Superstar and Tooheys Extra
Dry uncharTED comp 3. He also earned accolades such as the ANZ ACC
Talent Night 2007 winner and RMIT Idol 2004 runner-up.

His media presence in publications like MX, Beat Magazine, and
appearances on platforms such as 3RRR and Channel V amplified his
influence. Krishool's talents extend to commercials for Liquor Land,
Coles Online, and Hyundai, showcasing his versatility beyond

A graduate with a Bachelor of Information Technology from RMIT,
Krishool's interests in yoga, martial arts, comedy, and hosting
reflect a well-rounded approach to life, enriching his artistic

Krishool's illustrious career continues to make a lasting impact in
the entertainment industry. His unparalleled talent, versatility, and
dedication continue to captivate audiences, leaving an indelible mark
in the industry.

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