Nurturing Australia's Artists for a Bright Future

At Larkin Creative Management, we are dedicated to supporting and developing the careers of Australia's talented artists. With our boutique management approach, we provide personalized guidance and a clear path to success.

Nurturing Artists for Sustainable Long-Term Careers

At Larkin Creative Management, we offer a boutique style management system that is tailored to each artist. With a personalized approach, we provide a clear path for a sustainable long-term career, allowing you to improve your craft and reach new heights. Our passion is nurturing the next generation of Australia's great artists.

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Larkin Creative Management's image

Josh Larkin: Real Estate to Entertainment Pro

Josh Larkin, the owner of Larkin Creative Management, started his career in the real estate industry before following his passion for the entertainment industry. With his experience and understanding of professional relationships, he is dedicated to guiding artists on their journey to success.

Celebrating the Achievements of Our Artists

At Larkin Creative Management, we take pride in representing and nurturing the careers of Australia's most talented artists. Our artists have achieved remarkable success and reached significant career milestones.

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