Put simply, Larkin Creative Management is passionate about representing and nurturing the careers of Australia’s established & up and coming artists.

Offering a boutique style management system, we pride ourselves on the best quality of time management and understanding to each selected artist. We’ll provide you with a clear path for a sustainable long-term career where you can improve your craft, stretch your wings and relish in what you love to do! Larkin Creative Management is excited to nurture the next generation of Australia’s great artists.

Business owner, Josh Larkin has honed his professional skill set over eight years within the real estate industry – a career he juggled with his passion for the entertainment industry until the entertainment industry won out. Josh is a polished networker and understands the intricacies of building professional relationships, and with an identical twin brother who is currently involved within the industry, he absolutely appreciates the challenges that the industry throws up and the need for a steady, reassuring guide on the journey to success.